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These lively titles by Alan Trussell-Cullen include a wide range of genres to get readers really hooked on reading. They are available from Pearson Education.


I'm Not a Scaredy Cat by Alan Trussell-Cullen

I’m not a Scaredy Cat
Jennifer tries to prove that she’s not a “scaredy cat” by following Miles into an old house. He thought he saw a light in a window, even though the electricity has been turned off there for years. Miles wants to investigate, but what if a burglar is in the house and sees them?

ISBN:  0 – 7685-1830-X

Rex to the Rescue by Alan Trussell-CullenRex to the Rescue
Jed and Tania are helping the new boy Clark, by showing him around their town. Then their dog, Rex, chases a squirrel into Parson’s Mill, an old building that everyone says is dangerous. While the three are inside, a truck pulls up with two men carrying boxes. jed, Tania and Clark think they might get into trouble for being in the old mill, but they’re not prepared for the kind of trouble they’re going to get into…

ISBN: 0-7685-1830-X

The Mystery of Smuggler's Island by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Mystery of Smuggler’s Island
Dad, Dean and Tina are looking forward to an adventure-filled vacation at Smuggler’s Island. Mom just wants to go somewhere to relax. But there’s a mystery going on all around them. If there are only a few guests, why are the tours always full? Why doesn’t anyone go to the beach? And why does their room smell funny? Things keep getting stranger and stranger on Smuggler’s Island….

ISBN: 0-7685-1833-3

The Mystery of the One Purple Glove by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Mystery of the One Purple Glove
Have Stacy and Karina’s parents gone crazy? They want to move to an old, creaky house in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t even any electricity! But the house is full of 200-year-old secrets. Stace and Karina find a secret passageway behind a panel in their room. And then they find a atrunk full of strange old clothes, with a costume of sorts that has only one purple glove…

ISBN: 0-7685-1826-1


Bartholomew's Comet by Alan Trussell-CullenBartholomew’s Comet
Jake’s Dad tells him about Bartholomew’s Comet, which only comes around Earth every thousand years. It has always meant disasters and all kinds of bad things, but Jake doesn’t quite realize the ride he’s in for. He finds a strange blue rock in the park that has some kind of magical power. But that won’t matter when the Grunge, the school bully, gets ahold of him. What a disaster!

ISBN 0-7685-1816-4

Intergalactic Cell Phone by Alan Trussell-CullenIntergalactic Cell Phone
Nat, Zane and Carlos find a strange cell phone in the park. When they try calling friends on it, a weird creature answers, speaking a language no one can understand. Nat and Zane believe they have contacted an alien, but Carlos isn’t so sure…

ISBN: 0-7685-1828-8



Day Twin and the Night Twin by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Day Twin and the Night Twin
When the world was young, there were two children: Nawi, the night twin, and Dawi, the day twin. Nawi created all the trees and plants, and Dawi created all the lakes and mountains. One day, Nawi decided she wouldn’t sleep in the bright sunlight anymore, so she made a night blanket to cover the sun while she slept. But now Dawi couldn’t sleep because he’s afraid of the dark. So what happened…?

ISBN: 0-7685-1832-6


Meet the Muppet Man by Alan Trussell-CullenMeet the Muppet Man

Jim Henson had a passion for puppets. He wanted to create a kind of puppet that was able to show emotion just by facial expressions. He was the genius behind the Muppets – half puppets, half marionettes – which have appeared in movies and on many TV shows, including “Sesame Street” and “The Muppet Show”. The story of Henson’s life goes from the early black-and-white television days to the big screen Muppet movies that feature real actors as well as the Muppets themselves.

ISBN: 0-7685-1837-7

The Lady With The Lamp - the Florence Nightingale Story by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Lady With the Lamp – the Florence Nightingale Story

Florence Nightingale was born into a rich family who expected her to behave like all the other rich girls. But she wanted to help the sick and the poor. At that time, nurses were looked down upon in society. But with the reluctant help of her family she learned the art of nursing. Then she spent the rest of her life improving the conditions in hospitals and establishing the profession of modern nursing. An inspiring story…

ISBN: 0-7685-1824-5

Tiger Woods by Alan Trussell-CullenTiger Woods

When he was a baby, one of Tiger Woods’ favorite pastimes was watching his father play golf. At nine months, Tiger shocked his father by swinging a toy golf club just like him – and he hot the ball perfectly! Over many years, Tiger’s parents encouraged him to become the best golfer he could be.

ISBN: 0-7685-1836-9


Two Great Lives- Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan by Alan Trussell-CullenTwo Great Lives, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Both Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan had difficult childhood. A sickness caused Helen to go blind and deaf. Anne’s parents were unable to take care care of her, so she grew up in a poorhouse under terrible conditions. Each of them was able to help the other overcome obstacles and become successful.

ISBN: 0-7685-1831-8



The Story of the Frisbee by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Story of the Frisbee

From the earlty days of college students flinging pie tins into the air to the mordern-day sport of Ultimate, the Frisbee has been a part of American life and lore for more than 100 years. Find out how one of the most popular toys in the world got its start, and what it has become since.

ISBN: 0-7685-1838-5


A Simple Idea that Changed the World by Alan Trussell-CullenA Simple Idea that Changed the World

Chester Carlson had an idea. He was tired of endlessly copying complicated patent applications by hand. He wanted to develeop a way to create an instant copy of any page. He wa sure that his invention, electrophotography, would revolutionize the way offices worked around the world. The only problem was, no one saw the need for a machine that could make copies!

ISBN: 0-7685-1825-3

Hot Dog by Alan Trusselll-CullenHot Dog

The humble hot dog has a long and lively story, from Babylonian sausages to modern-day ballparks. The dachshund sausages have become one of Americans’ favorite foods, but few people know of it origins. Take a trip through history and learn how the hot dog was born.

ISBN: 0-7685-1829-6



My Granny and her Mean Lean Speed Machine by AlanTrussell-Cullen
My Granny and her Mean Lean Speed Machine

Granny has anew speed machine! It’s a motorized scooter to help her get around because she has trouble walking. But she likes to pretend it’a  might monstrous motorcycle! She takes her grandson to the local biker hangout, an ice cream parlor, and has a great time wherever she goes!

ISBN: 0-7685-1827-X