Myths & Legends

Myths and Legends Retold by Alan Trussell-Cullen

Since time began people have told wonderful stories to celebrate the amazing feats of their heroes, and to explain the mysteries of life. These have come down to us as myths and legends. Still today these ancient stories have the power to inspire us, to stir our deepest feelings, and to captivate our imagination. This exciting series brings these amazing stories to young readers.

  • The stories are retold so children can read and enjoy them at the first through third grade reading level.
  • The series is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.
  • These books are suitable for a range of literacy approaches, including shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading.
  • Powerful illustrations support the text and draw the reader in.
  • The stories provide opportunities to explore other cultures and understand how other people see their world.
  • They are a great resource for theme topics and integrated studies across the curriculum.
  • These books are available from Pearson Education.

The Legend of the Blue Bonnets, retold by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Legend of the Blue Bonnets

A Native American Legend
“All summer the people waited for the rain to fall so that the plants would grow and the people would have food. But no rain fell. The people waited for the buffalo to come so they would have food, but that year the buffalo did not come. Then winter came…”

ISBN: 0-7685-2129-7



The Adventuresof Robin Hood retold by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Adventures of Robin Hood

An English Legend
“…the sheriff decided the only way to catch Robin Hood was to set a trap for him. He announced that he was going to hold an archery contest to see who was the best shot in the land. The prize would be an arrow made of solid gold. He knew Robin Hood couldn’t resist a good competition…”

ISBN: 0-7685-2125-4


Jason and the Golden Fleece retold by Alan Trussell-CullenJason and the Golden Fleece

A Greek Legend
“…A magnificent feast was spread on the banquet table. But before anyone could start to eat, a flock of hideous birds flew into the castle. They fought and pecked and scratched at everyone with their beaks and their claws.
“It’s the Harpies!” shouted King Phineus. “Hide or they will eat us as well as the food!”
Jason leaped to his feet and drew his sword.
“Argonauts, prepare to attack!” he shouted.”

ISBN: 0-7685-2126-2

The Tiger and the Rabbit retold by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Tiger and the Rabbit

A Korean Legend
“Long ago, when the Earth was young, and plants and animals could talk, there was a tiger who thought he was the smartest creature in the whole world. But one day he fell into a deep pit. He jumped to try to get out of the pit. But each time , he fell back down to the bottom. Soon he began to get very hungry.
“Help! Help!” he shouted…..”

ISBN: 0-7685-2127-0


Androcles and the LionAndrocles and the Lion

A Roman Legend
“…Soon he found himself in a desert. The sun was coming up. Androcles had no food or water. He wandered on, hoping to find some shelter from the sun. He became weaker and weaker. Just when he was about to lose hope, he found a cave under some rocks. He crawled inside. Suddenly there was a roar! The cave was a lion’s den!”

ISBN: 0-7685-2122-X


Odysseus and the Wooden Horse retold by Alan Trussell-CullenOdysseus and the Wooden Horse

A Greek Legend
“…The next morning the Trojans looked over the wall. They couldn’t believe their eyes. There was a giant wooden horse! It was on wheels, and it had been wheeled up to the city gates.
“The Greeks are leaving! We’ve won the war!” shouted the Trojans….”

ISBN: 0-7685-2128-9


Too Close to the Sun - the Story olf Daedalus and Icarus, retold by Alan Trussell-CullenToo Close to the Sun – The Story of Daedalus and Icarus

A Greek Legend
“I can’t wait to see what it feels like to fly like a bird!” Icarus said. They leaped from the tower and flapped their wings. Suddenly they found they were gliding through the air.
“This is wonderful!” cried Icarus as the flew across the sea…”

ISBN: 0-7685-2121-1


Atalanta and the Golden ApplesAtalanta and the Golden Apples

A Greek Legend
King Iasus wanted a son to take his crown when he died.He waited for years and years for children. Finally the queen gave birth to a little girl. She named her Atalanta. But the King was furious. He wanted a son not a daughter. He ordered his soldiers to take the baby out into the forest and leave her there…”

ISBN: 0-7685-2124-6


Arachne and the Weaving Contest, a Greek Legend, retold by Alan Trussell-CullenArachne and the Weaving Contest

A Greek Legend
Arachne was a weaver. All day she sat her loom weaving the most amazing pattens into her cloth. Her fame spread throughout the land. But this didn’t mean everyone liked Arachne. She was always boasting and telling people how good she was. “I am sure I must be the best weaver in the whole world!”

ISBN: 0-7685-2120-3


King Arthur and the Magic Sword, an English Legend, retold by Alan Trussell-CullenKing Arthur and the Magic Sword

An English Legend
“Merlin waved his hands.In a cloud of mist, a large stone appeared on the ground in front of everyone. A plaque on the stone read: Whoever can pull this sword out of this stone is the rightful King of Britain…:



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