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Find out about Einstein the rather eccentric cat! Also check out “Remembering the Big Quake”

These titles are published by Learning Media in New Zealand and are available in other countries, too. Check them out on the Learning Media site:

Ask Einstein by Alan Trussell-CullenAsk Einstein

Henry is writing to his teacher, Miss Wilson, to explain why he hasn’t done his homework. The letter introduces the family’s crazy cat, Einstein, and goes on to describe a series of disasters that Henry hopes will explain his missing homework.



Einstein Champion of the World by Alan Trussell-CullenEinstein Champion of the World

In this second adventure with crazy cat Einstein, we meet the new neighbors and their pets, get a lesson from Dad on how not to barbecue steak, and find out how Einstein changes from a scaredy-cat to the hero of the street.




How I Met Einstein by Alan Trussell-CullenHow I Met Einstein

Author Alan Trussell-Cullen explains the different steps in the publishing process for his book, Ask Einstein! The reader follows, step by step, as his original idea is transformed into the finished product.



Remembering the Big Quake by Alan Trussell-CullenRemembering the Big Quake

The 1964 Alaskan earthquake killed 115 people and caused damage to the coasts of the United States and Canada. Anne Donaghy, a survivor of the quake, shares her memories of that day with the author who presents her account as an oral history.