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The Flying Pig and the Daredevil Dog by Alan Trussell-CullenThe Flying Pig and the Daredevil Dog

What happens when Pig decides he wants to fly through the air like a bird? Nothing – until his enthusiastic friend Dog enters the picture with an unlimited supply of crazy ideas for getting wingless Pig airborne! Follow Pig and Dog through their hilarious misadventures as they sneak around, look for fences, and almost get caught by Farmer. And of course, find out whether Pig really does get to fly!

ISBN: 0-7699-0408-4


Charlotte's Web Page by Alan Trussell-CullenCharlotte’s Web Page

Things couldn’t be worse! Charlotte’s family has moved her halfway around the world where she is completely cut off from her friends and surrounded by people who will never understand her. And now her father’s trying to get her to use a computer! OK, so for Charlotte’s Dad, computers are the most wonderful thing on the planet – after all, that’s his job! But Charlotte likes people, not machines! It’s not like the computer can keep her from feeling homesick… Or can it?

ISBN: 0-7699-0410-6


Here’s what some readers had to say about Alan Trussell-Cullen’s Charlotte’s Web Page:

Your book Charlotte’s Web Page is cool and I think it is very interesting
because of the pictures and the story line. I will give you a rating 10/10
for your fantastic book. – Elizabeth

I just finished Charlotte’s Web Page, it was really good.I liked the part where Charlotte is going home to Boston and kind of wants to go and kind of not. I didn’t like the part when, well, there really wasn’t a part I didn’t like. When I read the first chapter of the book I heard she didn’t like computers, but by the end I new she liked computers. It sounds like Charlotte had some nice friends in New Zealand.I think at the very end of the book Charlotte didn’t want to go home to Boston.Have you ever been to New Zealand before?I hope you write back soon, and your book was great!– Anne

Hola!  I come from Venezuela although I have lived in China for all my life. I thought ‘Charlottes Web Page’ was a great book because when Charlotte goes to school in New Zealand weird things happen. It is also funny the way New Zealanders speak. – Camilla

I think your book (Charlotte’s web page) is really really cool! When I read your book I was at home because I was sick (and no I was not wagging!) My favorite part of your book is the part where Charlotte was going swimming. I like to read and to think about the story afterwoods (as though I was the main character.) That’s pretty much it , thank for reading my letter. – Lyndahl

I think Charlotte’s web page was in a rating of 99.9/100, but any way I really appreciate this because you are the first author I have written to in my whole life! Enough about that for now. The things that I like about the novel are, the time when Charlotte goes into the boy’s changing rooms, the part when Charlotte goes on her computer for the first time and the bit when she saw the yellow-eyed- penguin and how cute it was! – James

I have two words that describe your book IT’S COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! I loved the words you used to describe the characters, and the plot was just unbelieveble. I also thought the drawings were excellent!! I would definately recommend this book to someone who has just had a big change in their life, so they know they are not the only ones. – Alex

Dear Alan I recently read Charlotte’s Web Page and l  really enjoyed your book.  I’m from Mpumalanga in South Africa. I am 10yrs old. I really hope you will be able to write another book and that I’m able to read it because I really love books, every kind of book. – Lando

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