Flying Colors

Flying Colors (USA) Flying Colours (Australia and New Zealand)

 This is a fun reading series. The stories are carefully graded with high interest and great illustrations.
The series is available in Australia and New Zealand. More info.
Flying Colors is available in the USA. More information…

Moving House
Moving House, Story for early readers

Moving house was a scary idea for Lisa. She did not want to go. She was sure her cat would not want to go. She was sure it was going to be a disaster. But when the day came…

ISBN: 0-17-011308-6

Two Timer
Two Timer. A story for early readersSome cats are smart, but this one is smart enough to outsmart almost everyone – even Toby and Nina. But when their families came to visit they made a surprising discovery!

ISBN: 0-17-011573-9


Maria’s Nonna
Maria's Nonna - a story for early readersMaria missed her grandmother, but unlike the other kid’s grandmothers, she didn’t even live in the same country. But one day something happened that really changed everything…

ISBN: 0-17-011575-5

A Birthday Present for Mom
A Birthday Present for Mom, for early readers.Sam’s Mom was starting a new job.
But Sam’s big problem was, what could he give her for her birthday?

ISBN: 0-17-011602-6


The Burglar Next Door
The Burglar Next Door“Tim! Wake up! There’s Someone in the old house next door!”
There’s a big surprise in store for Tim and Jenny when they finally catch the burglar!

ISBN: 0-17-011600-x

Duck Feet
Duck FeetTony has big feet and he comes in for a lot teasing because of them. But then his Dad thinks of a way to put them to work!

ISBN: 0-17-012020-1


Magic Glasses Day
Magic Glasses Day by Alan Trussell-CullenBrad keeps geting into trouble. Could it be because he’s not wearing his glasses? How will his teacher help him get used to them?

ISBN: 0-17-012019-8


My Left Hand
My Left Hand by Alan Trussell-CullenEverything was going so well for left-handed Donna, till she fell out of a tree and broke her arm – her left arm!

ISBN: 0-17-012043-0


The April Fool’s Day Mystery
April Fool's Day Mystery by Alan Trussell-CullenTrudi’s family thought she was playing an April Fool’s Day joke on them when she discovered a big hole in the lawn. But when the hole came back the next night – and the next –  they knew they had a mystery on their hands.

ISBN: 0-17-012064-3

Brad’s Brilliant Ideas
Brad's Brilliant Ideas by Alan Trussell-CullenBrad always has these really great ideas. Well, Brad thinks they are great. The only problem is, they seem to get him into more and more trouble!

ISBN: 0-17-012045-7

The Wonderer
The Wonderer by Alan Trussell-CullenEveryone kept telling Mandy to stop day-dreaming. All Mandy wanted to do was draw pictures. But when the artist came to talk to her class, everything changed…

ISBN: 0-17-012063-5

The Elephant and the Six Wise Men
The Elephant and the Six Wise Men by Alan Trussell-CullenNow just what does an elephant look like if you have to rely on how it feels? A fun retelling of a traditional tale from India.

ISBN: 0-17-012044-9