Springtime Magnolia in full bloomSpring must be coming to New Zealand – at last!

This Magnolia blossoming in our garden seems to think so, anyway!

And spring means lots of things to do in the garden, too – like lettuce and peas and other vegetables to plant, some late fruit tree pruning to do (apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, figs, oranges, lemons, help!), weeds going crazy everywhere and needing stern “editing”, and lawns turning into prolific jungles and crying out for a serious haircut!

Alan Trussell-CullenOK! So what am I doing?

Ha! Just sitting at my desk and looking out the window from my study and seeing all this vegetative fervor, and instead of thinking spring, I’m thinking about words and the exciting books I’m working on – lots of weeding and pruning and spring growth going on there, too!







Right now the first four books in my Adventure Kids series are just about ready to go out into the world on their own little adventure.

Cat Burglar!

Cat Burglar!Cat Burglar is already out there, but it is about to get a few additional ideas added at the end to help kids get excited about writing their own adventure stories!

Flying Pig!

Flying PigAnd Flying Pig is looking amazing, too! I just love Béla’s great cover designs! There are some fun twists in the story, too! (These animals are my special friends! Even the chickens!)

And then its Super Snooper, Becoming Famous, and Charlotte’s Webpage!

Super Snooper cover Adventure Kids book 3Yea! Covers for Becoming Famous, and Charlotte’s Webpage are coming soon!

That’s 5 exciting books to keep kids (and teachers and parents!) HAPPY!

And the aim is not just to get kids excited about reading! We want these Adventure Kids books to kick-start the kids’ writing, too! (We even give the kids some tips on how to dive into writing their own stories!)

My main task at the moment is getting some reviews before we hit the road with the real books! They’ll be coming out soon as ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks. A good season crop, we hope!

Hey! If you’d like to read and review some advanced copies of any, or some, or all five of these books, let me know. You can email me at AlanTC@LearningConnections.co.nz

Just let us know what format you’d like – MOBI (to read on Kindle or the iPad kindle app), or EPUB (to read on iBooks for iPad or to read on Kobo) or PDF for reading on your computer etc.

We’d really appreciate your feedback! (That applies to kids, too!)



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