Just Kidding!

Picasso's Goat


OK, so we’re here for Book Expo America, and it’s being held in New York, (our favorite city) (of course!), so we have to see what’s on and happening at MOMA (New York’s Museum of Modern Art), and of course, we have to take a photo! (a “selfie” of course!)

And who should poke her nose in? Yes, this nanny goat!

Actually, she’s a very special goat! She’s Picasso’s goat!
Now it just so happens that we love this goat. The very first time we went to MOMA was in 1987 and we really fell for the goat back then.
In fact we were spending so much time admiring her that a self-appointed and very uptight New York art-guardian steamed up and snarled at us in very menacing tones, saying that if we so much as touched or even breathed on this poor little nanny-goat we’d immediately be arrested by the Museum’s secret police and thrown into the museum’s jail for years and years!
Honest! I swear that’s what she threatened us with! (Well, something like that, anyway!)

So we’ve always been very respectful of this goat! Very very respectful!
But, this time, somehow, as we set out to try and take our own “selfie”, Picasso’s goat slipped in behind us so she could be in the photo, too!

Doesn’t she look cute?

I think she was kind of saying sorry for those threats from that aggressive art guardian back in the 1980’s!
Thanks goat!

And we still think you’re gorgeous!

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