Kids! Help me name a character in my new book!

Hey Kids! Help me Name a Character in my New Book!

I am in the middle of writing book 5 in the Adventure Kids series. The title is Becoming Famous.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but one of the characters just happens to be a cow. She’s a cow on a dairy farm and she plays an important part in the story so I need to come up with a really good name for her.

Picture of my Queen Cow

So what is this cow like? Well, she’s really bossy and pushy. In fact she thinks she is in charge of everything and everyone. I don’t know if you know much about cows but in a herd of cows there usually is a kind of Queen Cow! Well in this story, my cow really is the Queen! If the other cows could talk they’d call her “your majesty!” So, because she is royalty, she needs a really good royal name!

Hint: Know any famous queens from history? Or maybe you could make up a brand new royal name? Or maybe you know a name that sounds like it ought to be a name for a Queen? Or a name that would really suit a Queen Cow? You could even make up a new name altogether!

Any suggestions? Send me your ideas in an email to . Don’t forget to include your name – just your first name is fine – because if your name for my Queen Cow gets chosen, I’ll put that in the acknowledgements at the start of the book – and of course I’ll be sending you some signed copies of the book!

Teachers – feel free to get your class thinking about good cow names, too! I’d love a class effort!

A big thank you to everyone!

Alan Trussell-Cullen


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