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Alan and Manon Trussell-Cullen in New York park

This is me and my wife Manon. I write books for kids and Manon is a musician and teacher. We live in Auckland, New Zealand. We have four wonderful grown-up kids and ten terrific grandchildren – plus one cat called Gigi. (She actually owns our house and garden!)

What do I write?

I write all kinds of FICTION for children (lots of stories, chapter books, junior novels, and adventure yarns).

Here’s a few of them.

Brad's Brilliant Ideas by Alan Trussell-CullenMagic Glasses Day by Alan Trussell-CullenRex to the Rescue by Alan Trussell-Cullen




You can find lots more here

But I am also curious about just about everything! (When I was at school I used to annoy some of my teachers because I liked asking lots of questions. Sometimes the teachers would say things like “I ask the questions in this classroom!”

I would just shrug my shoulders and ask another question – like: “Why?” or “How come?”

Of course, what I really wanted to ask was: “Who said you had to be the Boss of this classroom?” But that would be a bit rude, wouldn’t it? And probably get me into a lot of trouble!

But because of my super hyper-ventilating curiosity, I want to know everything about everything, and as a result, it means besides writing stories, I also write lots of NONFICTION BOOKS.

Such as?

Well, they range from serious stuff, like biographies of famous or amazing or unusual people…

Here are a few:

Meet the Muppet Man by Alan Trussell-CullenNelson Mandela - Freedom Fighter for His Country by Alan Trussell-CullenPrincess DianaThe People's Princess by Alan T:russell-Cullen





You can find more here

Besides the good serious nonfiction like this, I also write good FUN nonfiction stuff!

Here are a few:

Fun With FoodAnimal Disguises by Alan Trussell-CullenFantastic Frogs





You can find lots more here

I also write lots of whacky, zany, funny-and-serious-at-the-same-time POEMS for kids.

(Watch this space for my new series of poetry books coming out soon! Read one and you’ll be writing heaps of poems of your own! Truly!

Poetry will never be the same again!

(In a good way!)

And plays? Yes, I writes plays for kids, too.

(Not surprising seeing I also write TV comedy scripts!)

So I think I can say I have written lots of books for children.

How many?

(That’s the question kids ask most of all.)

Answer: Well – over 300 the last time I tried to count them all. And anyway, I’m always writing new books all the time, so there’s going to be more…

I also writes books for teachers.

(Yes, teachers read books too, when they get a bit of spare time!)

Is that all I’ve done?

Not really. I’ve also been a teacher and a teacher-teacher! (Before I decided to become a full-time writer, I used to be the Head of the Department of English and Language Education at the Auckland College of Education where I did lots of teacher-teaching!)

And every now and then Manon and I get on a plane and we fly to somewhere like the United States (or the UK or Australia, or Sweden or anywhere fun) where I meet and work with teachers and present at conferences and talk about my books.

I also supervise student teachers from the USA who come to New Zealand for a teaching experience in New Zealand schools.

Any questions?

I’m always glad to hear from kids and teachers (and parents and anyone!). You can contact me using the form below.

Nice talking to you…

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