The Good Stuff Books Series for Kids has Landed!

The Good Stuff Books Series for Kids has Landed!

Alan Trussell-Cullen

Am I excited?

YES! You bet!

So here’s the story!

The first four Good Stuff Books were first published by Penguin Books in New Zealand and made a big a splash in New Zealand classrooms, libraries and kids’ bookshelves throughout the country!

And now these books are back by popular demand – fully updated and even wackier – only this time they’ve been published by Learning Connections Company Ltd, and now they are going to be available, not just in New Zealand but all around the world, and in paperback and e-book formats, and with new Good Stuff Books titles to be added soon!

I have had over 500 children’s books published by numerous publishers in many countries, including the United States, Australia, the UK, and of course, New Zealand. But the Good Stuff Books have been right up there with my favorites!

They were great fun books to write! (And, as lots of kids, teachers, parents, and reviewers keep telling me, great fun to read, too! )

They are also fun books to look at, thanks to the wonderful (and wacky!) illustration and design by award-winning designer, Béla Trussell-Cullen!

Here they are – the first four books in the Good Stuff Books Series!

Really Big StuffIMG_1035 Poisonous Stuff Cover_edited-1

Smelly Stuff CoverReally Fast Stuff

Today I want to tell you about Book 1 in the series:  Really Big Stuff

(I’ll tell you about the other titles over the next few weeks, but if you are eager to know about them right now, just go straight to Good Stuff Books by Alan Trussell-Cullen on

So here it is – Drum Roll please!

Really Big Stuff

(Good Stuff Books, Book 1)

Front cover:

Really Big Stuff, Front CoverBack Cover:

IMG_0992 Back Cover Really Big StuffISBN: 978-0-9941307-1-6 paperback format

ISBN: 978-0-9941307-0-9 ebook format

What’s “Really Big Stuff” about?

Here’s the Contents page, that should help:

IMG_0991 Contents Really Big Stuff_edited-1But what’s it really about?

Really Big Stuff is loaded with mind-boggling facts, super cool images, lively down-to-earth text, laugh-out-loud bad jokes, and copious quantities of quirky information about just about everything that is astonishingly BIG!

This is just the thing to capture the curiosity and imagination of kids and preteens aged seven to fifteen. Kids won’t only want to read this book. They’ll want to share it with others, as well as find out more for themselves.

Reading Really Big Stuff is a great way to get kids (and adults) hooked on mathematics, science and history, too.

Like, do you know how tall you are in smoots or in London double-decker buses? Or how beautiful you are in Helens? Do you know who invented the mile, or who stretched the mile to make it a little bigger, and why? Have giants ever really existed? How big was Bigfoot? Has anyone actually seen a yeti? (Probably not yeti…). And do you know what makes us grow? And if you don’t grow as tall as you’d like, who do you blame – your Mom or your Dad?

Really Big Stuff features include full color images, text boxes, visual gags, an index and glossary plus fun quizzes to test your knowledge.

Some Sample Pages:

IMG_1030 sample pages page 6 7

IMG_1031 sample pages 8 9

IMG_1033 sample pages 10 11

And yes teachers, kids can even assess their own learning with the Super Difficult Big Stuff Quiz!

IMG_1029 Quiz Really Big Stuff

What have reviewers been saying about this and the other Good Stuff  books?

“This is a wonderful book for kids and adults from seven to one hundred and seven! As the title indicates, it is full of information on everything big. From the biggest spider to the Big Apple and everything in between. It is beautifully presented, too, and easy to read and understand. There are charts and drawings and photographs and just the right amount of info not to be boring. With both a good glossary and quiz at the end, this book will make a great Christmas present for the whole family to share.”

Julie Sharpe, Wanganui Chronicle

“Great books for curious youngsters. Packed with information, pictures and even quizzes to test their knowledge, the Good Stuff Books make for interesting reading.”

Maree Field, Southland Times

“Lively reads with a serious intent – imparting information to young minds and engaging them in learning – that appears to be achieved effortlessly.”

Sandra Simpson, Bay of Plenty Times

“Weird and cool stuff to impress friends… These books will strike a chord with kids for their amazing facts, and for their format, too…Lots happening on every page – quizzes, color photographs and diagrams. They fall somewhere between the successful Horrible Histories series and the Guinness Book of Records.”

Jessica Le Bas, Nelson Mail

“These books are really informative and fascinating for young and old alike. Alan Trussell-Cullen’s easy, humourous style make it great for children to sink their teeth into.”

Lisa Fenwick, Ashburton Guardian

“I love it already! So how do I get a copy of Really Big Stuff?”

Simple! You can order a paperback and/or an e-book copy of Really Big Stuff by clicking here: Really Big Stuff by Alan Trussell-Cullen

More about the other Good Stuff Books coming soon!


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