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      It has been a strange week, hasn’t it? With so many disturbing news stories, especially Hurricane Harvey and the dreadful flooding in Houston Texas and beyond.
      One other important news story has been the twenty year anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.
      There are experiences that we have in our lives that stand out as “memory markers” – events that we can recall so vividly that we remember exactly when and where we were when they happened.
     For me, the death of Princess Diana was one of those “memory markers”. I was driving with my family to the local shopping mall when the program on the car radio was interrupted by the sad news of the death of Princess Diana in a shocking car crash.
    Years later I was asked to write biographies for children for the Hameray Biography Series and I knew I had to write a biography of  Princess Diana.
  Princess Diana - The People's Princess What an extraordinary life she had! She began life as a shy and unhappy young girl. Yet she grew up to become a princess who was to be loved and respected by people everywhere.
   Diana’s quiet and loving nature led her into charity work around the world.
She wasn’t afraid to work on tough issues, too, like AIDS awareness.
She also spoke out against the use of land mines and did a lot to help its victims.
    Her tragic death in a car crash in 1997 stunned the world.
    Her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, continue to work hard to keep their mother’s legacy alive.

 Copies of  Princess Diana – The People’s Princess are available in the USA from Hameray Publishing Group
Copies are available in New Zealand and Australia from Learning Connections New Zealand

Some Sample Pages:

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Princess Diana's Funeral

Princess Diana with land mine victims


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